Thursday, February 2, 2012

Technology & Humaness

I watched Zeitgeist for the second time and it evoked the same emotions it did originally. The lies don't surprise me - above all they simply disgust me. Rather than feeling outraged over what is revealed in that film, by the end of it I always feel deeply moved by the clip from the film 'Network' as well as the last quotes they play. I'm not sure who it is that is speaking but the way they speak about our power as humans and our oneness with the Earth...these are the words that strike me.

I am immensely saddened by our overall lack of love for each other as human beings. As we invest more and more of our lives (and emotions) into technology, we get more and more disconnected from our most unique and powerful trait as human beings: our ability to love. Technology (in most cases) desensitizes us by not only making us think we should care about our appearances and what others think of us, it also makes us think that feelings of jealousy, inadequacy, anger, hate, isolation, prejudice and sadness are normal every day emotions. They are simply part of life, part of 'reality'. In my opinion this is utterly and morally wrong.

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